Friday, May 27, 2011

Old Leather Man and a Mean Cat


I started off this morning taking Bean, the mini-dachshund to the vet. On the way, I listened to an NPR article on the Old Leather Man. I'm surprised that I had never heard of him before. In the 1800's, this guy started walking a 365 mile circle in a clockwise direction. He passed through 40 towns on his route, which he completed every 34 days. He wore a 60lb suit made of leather boot tops, tied together with leather laces. He was so punctual on his monthly trek that residents of the towns he passed through could set their clocks by his arrival time. He walked for 30 years, over 100,000 miles. This link will take you to an NPR report about the attempt to move his grave and gather more details about who this Leather Man actually was. Here is a link to a YouTube video with some additional information about the Leather Man. 

Mean Kitty

A friend's son found this cat video. If you're anything like me you're a sucker for them. Although it looks like everyone else on the planet has watched these already, there may be someone out there who hasn't yet. The song will get stuck in your head.