Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornadoes and Awkward Billboard Signs



Today I'm really thankful that I live in an area that seldom has to worry about tornadoes. There have been some tense videos released over the last few days that are fascinating but terrifying to watch. This video of a tornado chasers almost caught by a tornado on live TV is closest I've seen anyone come to getting hit in a news video. If you haven't yet seen this video made by of a group of people in Joplin who hid from a tornado in a cooler - it conveys the true horror of what its like to experience the full force of a tornado and live. Here is a video of the aftermath of the Joplin storm. The guy who taped the first video went back to take a look at what was left of the convenience store. Finally a video of a drive through the town of Joplin after the fact, and a video of the actual Joplin tornado itself. It was huge. My thoughts and prayers are with the thousands who have lived through hell over the last few weeks with all of these tornadoes this year. Hopefully the rest of the season will be more merciful.


If you like insects, here is a great picture of a mayfly. I had heard of them all of my life, and saw my first in Louisiana last year. I never expected them to be as large as they are. There is a great documentary called "Swarm: Nature's Incredible Invasions" (watch it here free on which includes footage of the yearly great Mayfly flight. They take on one winged form that lasts only about an hour. Then they shed their skin and take on another winged form which lives for a day. They mate and lay their eggs during that 24 hour period.

Fracking vs. Underground Nuclear Explosions

Think fracking is bad?  How about underground nuclear explosions to release natural gas? It happened in Colorado in 1969 in a government experiment known as Project Rulison.

That Was Awkward

I was really amused to see the signs that came out after the rapture didn't happen which said, "That was awkward," and then quoted Matthew 24:36, "No one knows the day or the hour..."

 Lisa Lampanelli and Westboro Baptist Church

And this is the best: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli (known as the "Queen of Mean" has the last laugh in her fight with Westboro Baptist church members. After she sent a tweet critical of the Westboro Baptist Church, the church decided to protest at her act at the Topeka Performing Arts Center because she supports gay rights. She responded by offering to donate $1000 in the name of every protestor to the Gay Men's Health Crisis. What a perfect response!