Friday, November 23, 2012

Scenes from Downtown Glenwood Springs CO


I found myself in Glenwood Springs for Thanksgiving Day.
It was slow and peaceful on the streets downtown.
Very few places were open. I decided to take some pictures.
I'm sure that is a surprising turn of events. So out of character...

Silver Club Building on Grand Avenue

Vintage ads on the brick side of the building

The window of Lilly's fits nicely here.

Sacred Grounds
Here is their website:

The Candlestick Maker
Here is their website:

Doc Holliday's Tavern / Saloon

Searching for a website for Doc Holliday's Saloon led to my discovering that Doc Holliday's grave is actually located near Glenwood Springs.

Shadows under the bridge

Juicy Lucy's Steakhouse

Artist's Mercantile and Gallery

Glenwood Adventure Company - Life Doesn't Get Any Better

Looks like a fun place to work

Wall murals with the Fire Department on the left.

E.B. Everett - Pioneer Grocer

Wall murals and newspaper

Rocks * Gems * Minerals

Luxe Nest - probably the most whimsical, colorful storefront in town.

An old barber's pole.

Restaurant scene, inside and out.

Peppo Nino

Riviera Supper Club Sign



How high is it?

Imagine driving a big truck under this bridge.

Veterans' Memorial

Glenwood Springs Hotsprings

Peace Tattoo Moonrise

Moonrise over downtown.

Nice street lamps