Friday, March 18, 2011

Golden Colorado March 2011


(left click on the pictures to enlarge)

We took Hannah on a walk through downtown Golden today.

They have a great river walk. 
The "M" on the mt. is from the School of Mines.

The pigeons' necks were really pretty in the sunlight.

Flowers are starting to bloom near the Visitors' Center.

I saw a young boy who was completely enamored with these butterflies. My seven-year-old self would have been completely enthralled as well.


Rachael actually spotted this shield bug before I did.

Castle Rock Mountain in the distance.

There used to be a railway that led tourists to the top. What happened next is unbelievably strange history, especially for Colorado. Read the caption from a tourist sign below:


The old path of the railway can still be seen today.