Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hannah Hiking Centennial Cone Park


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We went for a hike at Centennial Cone Park on Saturday. The Indian Gulch Fire started nearby today - Sunday. We were lucky that we went yesterday because the stretch of road where we were picked up at the end of our hike was closed down today. My best wishes to all the folks who live near this area. Hopefully the fire will be under control very soon.

The trail we took winds 11 miles through the mountains. Hannah was off the leash outside for the first time since she found us.

Her happiness and exuberance came shining through.

We were all treated to some pretty spectacular views.

Hannah enjoyed eating and "slurping" up the snow along the way.

She ran off the trail twice. 
The first time was to make a beeline for this stream.
She lay down in it for about 5 minutes.

This is the spot next to the one Hannah found where we stopped for a while to enjoy some trail mix, have some water, and lay in the sun with our eyes closed for a quick cat nap.

She had a hiking buddy, Mushka (a.k.a. Mooshoo). They had a great time together. If you expand this picture, you can see Hannah and Mooshoo together on the trail.

The mountains in the distance looked mystical.

The second time Hannah left the trail was to climb about 50 yards up the mountainside. She brought us back this lovely gift. It had us wondering who else was sharing this trail with us.

By this point on the trail, we were all feeling weary,
but not this hiking dog!

There is a great trail-sharing program in place on these trails.
On weekends, mountain bikers bike on the even numbered days.
Hikers hike on the odd numbered days.

The end of the line, quite a few hours later after a great workout with some amazing views.  We had begun on the Travois Trail at the north parking area, headed south around the eastern edge of the park, then west across the southern edge to the Mayhem Gulch trail in the southwest corner.  Then we turned off onto the Mayhem Gulch trail heading southeast towards the parking lot indicated in this sign. We were all tired, but happy to have enjoyed this beautiful hike. Hannah slept the entire 4 hours back to Grand Junction.
  She never made a sound.