Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wonderful Sunday

Started the day early feeding Leo, the world's best pine-cone chasing dog.

Met with the O.W.L. crew at a friend's apartment, which was the perfect place for a get together. Everyone showed up and we had a wonderful, spirited conversation and yummy tea.

Went to lunch with a few people from the group at Jose's, a nice little Mexican restaurant in Seaside. (That counts as Seaside... right?)

Wandered around town for a while, stopped by my house to gather some warm clothes that were needed for a hike at Point Lobos. Maneuvered with other friends by cell phone to eventually meet up and get on the road.

Traveled with 3 others in a really fun car (unless you're in the back seat with long legs, but I have short legs, so it's still fun) to Point Lobos. Met a fourth friend at Point Lobos. We walked as far as the inner entrance, to be turned around by the park ranger who informed us (once again, since we had walked right past the closed car barrier) that the park was closed and that we couldn't continue. We made pouty faces and tried to negotiate... to no avail.

Went for a hike on the beach and watched a gorgeous sunset while talking about everything under the sun and getting to listen to an amazing little bird singing away sweetly in a bush against the backdrop of an evening sky and the ocean waves rolling in.

Came home and felt like I might be catching a cold. I'm going to go to sleep early. Good Night.