Monday, January 29, 2007

Goodbye Shukri

I received the news today that yet another man I knew has died in Iraq, this time brought down by sniper's bullets in Al-Anbar province in Iraq.

Sgt. Michael M. Kashkoush was a shining example to all who knew him.

Here is a quote from the blog of a true friend:

A friend of mine met me at the door of the dojo this morning
as class was ending.
I could see it in his eyes.
We cried on the sidewalk; a long embrace;
some man I never knew has died in Iraq
and I would have liked to --
to know him. Now
just secondhand memories remain.

And futile rage.

A picture of Michael

More information about him

Thanks Ria, for your support - I'll always remember that you were there for me today.

Thanks Shukri, for your example of how to be a man in this crazy world.