Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poets, Friends, Algebra, The Works, and Mosquitos

Morning came
too soon for this wanderer to bear

But he wound up dreams in a bundle,
packed his things

And combed his hair.

Met the poet at Kalisa's
writing his poems

To bird-brained friends imaginary.
Angry man

Ready to roam

Waited for the "dragon-lady"
to come unlock

A door to all he carries,
locked safe and secure

Behind the block

Mad at the "Sly Owner"
who cautioned him last night

Ready to chew the head right off
of the world's greeting

Full morning light

Pet store supplies for cats and fish,
poet makes friend

New Yorker Bagel,
Poet gets new tobacco

Happy Again

Downtown met dancer mechanic
gag-gifted friend

We know him well,
he may store our art at his place

Moving Again...

Avoiding Algebra
like the plague that it is

To time mired in stagnant, still,
green-black waters

Mosquito Quiz

Mosquito larvae lost
with the fish food three days

In the same box most likely
hiding together

Lost in the craze

where ARE you?