Saturday, November 25, 2006

Breakfast at Lou Lou's

Alarm on my cell phone

Scatters cats from the room

To corners well hidden

From onlookers and brooms

Poet rises slowly

From a pad on the floor

He spent one night dreaming

Well protected and warm

The mocassin-maker

Sought donuts and coffee

Tracker and advisor

He thought Red's was for me

Alas! Red's place was closed!

What an utter disgrace!

A search then was started

Through the streets of this place

For anything open

But nothing was found

We settled on Lou Lou's

Still the best place around

Three breakfasts fit for kings

Time quickly passed us by

Conversations were dwarfed

Laughter, dishes, gulls cries

One to Asilomar

Moving for the others

Fish food, boxes and art

Connect two as brothers

Dinner after sunset

Not even 6pm

Pork fried rice and soy sauce

A comfort yet again

Off to our own places

We say our last farewell

"Good night and God bless" too

"Happy trails, Fare thee well."

Wireless Algebra

Office Space, College Ruled

Pencil, calculator

Dark office, late-night fool.

Sleep on the office floor

Restless dreams come in fits.

Sunshine beams too quickly

Into the window slits

Another day started

She's safe and sound abroad

Another day parted

With family to call