Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey, Friends, and Indians

Singing with friends

Long since we last met

Three going to college

To futures still unset

One I never knew

Teaches English I'm told.

He argues for Shakespeare

His writings of gold

We sing songs forgotten

But stored on the page

Star Man has protected

That musician sage

Another runs like I did once,

Alas! Now, sad but true

My heel commands respect

And time off to be renewed.

Two men from India

Who study in this town

Learn our Thanksgiving ways

Then lead us all around

Topics revving up our minds,

The world and all it holds

The problems in our nation

The way we are so bold

The way we run affairs

As if we own it all

The way we create enemies

In places big and small

We mourn the greatest loss of life yet

Among Iraqi civilians dead

At the hands of militia fighters

Civil War the dread

Then we move into the front room

For music and a song

A prayer to free myself

Whispered soft and long

Then harmonize together

More songs we've done before

Returning to the comfort

Of the past, old friends, and more.

Poet from a distant place

Makes his bed on my floor

Full of inspiration

Our futures so unsure.

Thankful for the spirit

Of friendship all around

That comes at times like this

When Love begs to be found.