Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No Trip to Florida Today...

I thought that I would be in Florida today, but circumstances and things that I had to take care of at work changed my plans.

I went to the library this afternoon to turn in a set of books on tape. I had to look for one of the tapes in the back seat of my car and when I went into the library, I realized that I had left my keys locked in the back seat. I spent 2 hours waiting for someone from AAA to come out and it didn't even take him 10 seconds to unlock the car (scary). I walked the track at the base while I was waiting. It was hot but nice. No one was out on the track at that time and I enjoyed both the heat and the shade as I walked through the stillness of the afternoon.

I visited Magnolia Springs State Park after that, and it seems like a place that I'd like to visit again. Upon arrival at the spring I noticed many bright signs warning against feeding the alligators. While I didn't see any alligators, I was involuntarily feeding the insects the entire time that I was out of my car. About 10 minutes of being insect food was enough for me and I decided that I would return to this spot after buying some insect repellent.