Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Last night I had the second in a series of get togethers at my apartment designed to introduce a couple of friends to the Lord of the Rings movies. A program about Evel Knievel was on the History Channel as people were arriving, and we watched that for a while before starting the movie. I learned many things about the man that I never knew. I didn't know that he spent 28 days in a coma after one of his failed jumps, that he once slid his motorcycle into a member of the Hells Angels who had thrown a tire iron at him and was later giving Evel the finger, or that Evel had beaten his former press agent with a baseball bat (which resulted in Evel spending several months in jail), because his former press agent had written an unauthorized biography about him. Evel was remarkably candid when he commented on all of these events and he obviously still believes that he is absolutely the best thing to ever grace the world with his presence. I never realized to what extent the spoof character "Super-Dave" was a total knock-off of Evel Knievel, in every way including the ego, until last night.

LOTR was fun and LONG (of course). I showed off my cricket picture and I think I grossed everyone out, but hey, what's life if you don't view a good cricket picture when one is available to be seen? We had Chinese food delivered to the apartment and watched the movie, breaking for apple pie and orange juice, until 1:30am. Only one more episode to go. Maybe next I'll introduce them to Star Wars...