Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Orb at Ironton, CO Ghost Town


Look at the orb in this pic taken at the ghost town Ironton, CO.

Now look at the cut out of just the orb in the pic above. This is the same orb blown up and enhanced using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

If you look long enough, you may see what appear to be faces and skulls on the left side (there is even a shape that resembles a full upper skeleton on the right hand side of this orb). Note: The angle of your screen will greatly affect what you are able to see. 

I don't have any beliefs one way or the other about orbs. The truth is, I am a total skeptic. I don't know anything about the other side, because I've never been there; I don't see dead people. I realize that this "orb" may be disqualified since it appears that it may have been created by sunlight reflecting off the snow below. All of that said, there are some freaky faces that show up in this tricky light. If nothing else, it's a great example of pareidolia in action. The longer I look at the picture, the more faces I see.