Monday, October 14, 2013

Old News - The Walls of Ironton Speak.


Last weekend, we visited the ghost town of Ironton, which is not far from Ouray. There were many interesting things to see, but one of the unexpected bits was finding old pieces of newspaper, which had apparently been used as insulating material, still nailed to the walls.


Newspaper headline to an article about bees, by G.M. Doolittle, who, it turns out, is known among entomologists and beekeepers as "The father of modern queen (bee) rearing."

Mining is mentioned in many of the clippings.

Mining news from around Ouray, CO. 
This clip may to be from between 1890 and 1893. 
"The Slide" mine was only operated during those years. 
It was reopened in later years as "The Newsboy Mine." 
"The Midnight" is another mine in the area.

View of some of the Ironton structures from the outside.