Sunday, March 24, 2013

Looking for the Linkenhokers


Gillie A. (Linkenhoker) Meadows (whose given name may have been Catherine) was born around 1875. I have a picture of her parents, but I don't know their names:

UPDATE: Based on a comment I received to this post, it looks as if the couple below my be Abraham Thomas Linkenhoker and his wife Harriet N. Collin(s). I suppose it is also possible, but less likely, that this couple could be Abraham's parents.

I've been working on my family's genealogy lately, and as anyone would expect, I've hit a couple of brick walls with some of our family lines. I have really enjoyed using because I am able to view so many of the documents that help to verify the bits of information that I've been able to find. The other nice feature is that the website often has suggestions from other members' family trees, when they include similar names and histories. The first dead end that I've come to is the Linkenhoker line.

I found the photo above in my grandmother's photo album. I believe that these are the parents of Gillie A. (Linkenhoker) Meadows, but have not been able to find any additional information about them so far.

According to my information, Gillie (Catherine?) was married to William Preston Floyd Meadows. She gave birth to my great grandmother, Georgia Texas Meadows in 1909.

The photo below is one of Gillie A. (Linkenhoker) Meadows, which we discovered online. We believe that she is holding Georgia Texas Meadows (her daughter) in this picture:

Another picture of Gillie found online:

If you happen to know the names of the Linkenhokers in the first picture, please contact me by commenting on this post. Thanks!