Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crashing Helicopter Dream


I had the most vivid dream I've had in a while last night. I was back in the military, walking in uniform (I had to salute a couple of officers as they passed so I know I had to be in uniform). 

Then I was at an official function of some kind. It felt like it was at an Officers' or NCO Club, or at the Base HQ or some place like that. There were a few officers and NCOs there that I actually have known in real life. We were all talking and laughing like we'd known each other forever. Then everything was over. 

The NCO's and airmen left in 4 or 5 blue vans, and the officers made a show of leaving in several helicopters. As the helicopters were taking off (about 8 of them all together in a formation) they tried to do a fancy bank off to the right. Two of the helicopters got their rotors tangled up and crashed to the ground. 

The person next to me (who I didn't know) and I ran to the scene. It was then that we realized that 2 of the vans had been hit by the falling helicopters and were completely smashed. No movement, no voices, no screams. I completely froze. I realized that I couldn't remember the steps for CPR (ahem *choke*), so I volunteered to call 911. 

 Nobody had a cell. I ran back into the club, but the land-line was dead (except for some very distant-sounding elevator music). Another airman walked into a dayroom and I had to beg him to let me use his cell-phone (he was having a conversation with his girlfriend). 

I was having a hard time hearing the 911 operator, and I had the distinct feeling she didn't believe my story about what happened. The dream ended with me not being sure that she would send any help at all. I remember telling the operator that this all happened on the corner of Pope and Main.

That's all. This morning's dream.