Thursday, January 26, 2012

Juice Fast


We started a juice fast yesterday. We've had this citrus drink both mornings so far. It's a very tasty combo.

Morning Citrus Drink For Two

7 medium oranges
2 medium lemons
2 large grapefruit
1 large beet

Then last night we had a drink made with tomatoes, spinach, celery, and ginger. I think that particular combo is better with a cucumber and some parsley added to the mix. We've tried some juices made with all of those ingredients that are delicious.

Yesterday afternoon (day 1), I had very little energy, slept several hours during the afternoon, and had a headache all evening. I attribute those symptoms to my body's addiction to caffeine.

Today, I'm feeling better. I definitely feel slower than I do when I'm hyped on the diet sodas. I feel calmer. I'm hoping that I won't get a headache today, but I won't be surprised if I do.

We'll see how this goes. I'm optimistic.