Friday, July 01, 2011

Frogs on Colorado River in Grand Junction


Today was "Frog Day" along the Riverside Trails in Grand Junction.
This frog was spotted between 29 Road and Corn Lake.

We saw several frogs and tadpoles in the water and on the trails.
Here you can see the frog from the first picture alongside the trail.
This frog was the smallest one that we saw by far.

First frog we saw, in a little pond created by the flooding river
near the trail entrance at the Botanical Gardens on 7th Street in GJ.

There were several tadpoles, with bodies the size of large goldfish.

This frog was seen on the Palisade Section of the Riverside Trails.
There is a place where this trail is washed out, and this frog was 
in a flooded section between the trail and the Grand Valley Canal.
They definitely appear to be enjoying the flood waters.

This frog has had enough attention for today.