Friday, July 15, 2011

Critters at Wingate Park in Grand Junction

If you have kids who like critters, Wingate Park in Grand Junction is a great place to take them on a summer afternoon. I ride past this area regularly on my bike, and I see some kind of creature every time I'm there. The quail are always hanging out in the bushes near the vehicle entrance. I've seen rabbits on a few occasions in the same spot. There are usually a couple of different types of lizards near the shaded picnic area between noon and 4pm, and there are lots of small insects (beetles and pollinators) flying around in the flowering plants near the parking lot. If you want to go for an afternoon nature walk or a bike ride with your kids, a trip along the trail that leads towards Monument Road will almost always include sightings of a few birds, grasshoppers, lizards, a rabbit or two, and maybe even a snake.

Picnic area in the background.
Lizards can regularly be spotted here on summer afternoons.

This lizard was seen on Thursday, July 14th at noon.

Another lizard seen under the bushes near the turtle.