Tuesday, June 28, 2011

South Camp Road from Monument Road


I really enjoy the scenery along South Camp Road in Grand Junction, so much so that I usually ride it twice (out and back), rather than just return to town on Monument Road. 

I usually start at the Blue Heron Section of the Colorado River Trail, follow that onto Redlands Parkway, then take South Broadway to South Camp Road. When I arrive at Monument Avenue, I turn around and head back towards the Connected Lakes portion of the river trail via South Rim Drive. 

I follow the Connected Lakes path which joins the Audubon Section at some point and then winds up at the Albertson's shopping center near the intersection of Broadway and Dike Road. From here, if I still feel like riding I can continue heading southeast on the Riverside Section, and then on towards Corn Lake and Palisade. 

Right now there are some sections closed and impassable because of flooding and washed out bits of the trails. There are other places that are marked as dangerous, but which are still able to be navigated. There are always new sights to be seen, and I spot something new on every trip.

Today I saw a snake, a few lizards, some cottontail rabbits, a bunch of quail, lots of desert grasshoppers, dragonflies, swallowtail butterflies and a black headed grosbeak.

Here are some pics from South Camp Road this afternoon:

Looking east from intersection South Camp and Monument Roads.
Mt. Garfield, the Bookcliffs and Grand Mesa visible in the distance.

The houses in this area have one of the best views in town.

The view from the bike path is not that bad either.

Desert Grasshopper - Perhaps a Least Desert Grasshopper?


"But it's a dry heat..."
Really, it didn't feel like 100 degrees.

Wingate Park is located next to the elementary school.
 The Monument is their backdrop.

Some folks were out enjoying a game of softball.

Gambel's Quail showed up just as I was leaving.

Turns out they were off to somewhere else as well.
(notice they're headed down "Quail Drive.")