Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What is Still Alive?

What we have in our garden now is mostly a 2nd generation of plants. Not one of the seedlings that we raised in the living room survived more than a week out in the new garden. We're not sure exactly what went wrong, but it could have been a number of factors all put together. The night after we planted the seedlings the wind started howling. The next day was windy and cool with a little bit of rain. I also think that the plants were too weak due to not enough sunlight in the living room. Anyway, a few tomato plants have survived from our initial planting (none that we raised from seeds), but we lost all of the melons, squash, and peppers from that attempt. Two weeks ago now we went out and bought some new young plants from the nursery down the road, and they all seem to be doing fine. So we have several varieties of peppers, squash, melons and tomatoes. These seem to be doing fine, and hopefully they'll continue to thrive. I'm a novice at this gardening thing. I'm considering this year a learning experience. Maybe we'll actually get a few good veggies as well.