Friday, June 24, 2011

View of Mt. Garfield and Bookcliffs from Grand Junction


It was a bright and sunny day in Grand Junction today. We went to the Connected Lakes, where some areas are still flooded. We took Hannah (the black lab mix), who took it upon herself to hop out of the water after about 5 seconds and go running down the street back towards town. Looks like it's time to buy some meaty treats and do some more work on the "come" command with her. Onto a completely different topic: one thing that I love about Grand Junction is the wonderful view from all sides: Mt. Garfield, the Bookcliffs and the Grand Mesa to the north and east, and the Monument towards the west. One or another of these landmarks is usually visible from most locations around town.

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Mt. Garfield and the Bookcliffs from Broadway in Grand Junction.
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