Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Surreal Day - By mrm - June 22nd 2011


Surreal day. 
So real.
Alarm ignored then heeded 
15 minutes later
Coffee with powdered creamer
(almost out of milk).
The car that ran that red light as we left the gym...
What were they thinking?
And the ones in the truck that flipped over...
How about them?
The girl has decided that she's worth more
than the worthless whims of some man-whore,
even though he's cute and she likes him.
She needs milk. 
"He's a good kisser."
Between bites
of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.
"Love Me Do"
played to blues riffs on two guitars,
one hand steady from years of play
the other, not so sure, but surely on its way.
The Donner Party cannibalized my afternoon,
completely unaware 
the vegetarian enchiladas would be done soon.
Who knew that the dogs would like that ball so much more
wrapped in a sock?!
Then the time came and went
when I would see my love again.
A rampaging teen emerged
banging on walls, climbing on cars, creating superficial scars
on her skin.
Deeper were the wounded hearts 
of those who were watching her,
but trying
to help.
Glass of milk before bedtime.
Plenty enough here
for coffee tomorrow.