Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flooded Areas of Grand Junction Riverfront Trails


Pictures and videos of the Grand Junction Riverfront Trails
were taken on June 27th and 28th, 2011.

Sign near the vehicle entrance to Connected Lakes on Dike Road
if you're heading into the Audubon Section of the trail from the west.
Leave the bike path at this sign near the park entrance. 
Follow Dike Road back toward Broadway. 

Audubon Section is impassable by bike between vehicle entrance and the Albertson's parking lot trailhead (unless you're prepared to get very muddy and wet). If you get here, turn around and take Dike Road to get to the part of the trail you're looking for.

Short video of the wash out on Connected Lakes Section 
heading west from the South Rim Drive trail entrance.

If you're following the Blue Heron Section of the Riverfront Trail 
from Broadway towards Redlands Parkway, this area is now off limits. Follow the detour to continue on the trail.

The view as you approach from Broadway.

There is one more washed out area on Blue Heron section that the detour bypasses. It is not too far from the first washed out portion pictured above.

A short video of the above section with a view of river.

Link to pics/video of flooding near 5th Street Bridge early June.

Heading out towards Palisade on the Riverside Trail, riders will find the trail completely washed out east of 32 Road (opposite the entrance to Corn Lake) as it approaches Clifton Nature Park. Riders can access the trail off of D Road between 32 and 32 1/2 Roads. Continue along the river to 33 1/2 Road. From this point riders can use county roads to get to 36 1/4 Road and Grand Valley Canal Road, where the Palisade Section of the Riverside Trail continues to Riverbend Park into the town of Palisade.

Another view of the washout east of 32 Road.
Probably don't need dog bags here for now.

If you find yourself at this point in a canoe, "please stay on trail."