Friday, June 17, 2011

New Vision


Seven years ago I completed the vision fast that helped convince me to break from what had become the stale tradition of my life. I envisioned change, or at least the potential for it. I could see through the haze of habit to a not-so-distant place where it was possible to be completely authentic, totally me. Seven years for completion... here I am. Had I known in advance all the places my intuition would lead me, I might have chosen not to follow through that muck. As it turns out, my intuition was right all along.

So where to now? What shall I create? The dogma of the systems which run the world seem pretty fucked up. Modern society, in its current form, does not appear to have the tools or the backbone get it right. Why should I listen to any of the messages from the government, the media, or other people who are just as lost in this whole game as I am? It's all different shades of the same bullshit. So much of what we take for granted as truth and reality is just an illusion, a corporate conglomerate headquarters full of smoke and mirrors. I'm not interested in being just another part of the mirage. Might as well be real. Time to start from scratch and create the me that comes from the heart.

What's next Universe? I'm ready.