Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 14 April 2011


This week in anatomy class, we were studying the anatomy of the eye. I had never heard the term scleroid coat before. Now a related term shows up in a very interesting article about dinosaurs from NPR. Figures... I know I'll be seeing this term at least two more times in the next few days.

Dinosaur Eyes Yield Clues to Hunting Habits - NPR


Speaking of dinosaurs... have you ever wondered if Hell really exists? What if there is no hell? By the way, I'm a Unitarian Universalist, so I don't believe in Hell myself (but I have no problem with you if you want me to go there or am convinced that I will...) I'll either be there in a few decades, or we'll all meet each other up in Heaven. I'll let God sort me out.

Today the AP published an article saying that another oil spill comparable to the BP oil spill is entirely possible. No surprise. Here is some thoughtful commentary from Cornell Lab director John Fitzpatrick on the effects of the BP oil spill a year later.


This video will make you smile.
Remember when you were scared of monsters?

What will you do to the monster? from YouTube


I was fortunate to live near the beach in Monterey, CA for eight years. I got used to seeing shorebirds all the time. You get to the point where you have to remind yourself not to take them for granted. Here is a cool video (another one from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology) on the foraging strategies of shore birds on barrier islands.

Barrier Island Foragers:


Here is a song & video that I really like. It's called "Be the Change" 
by Gypsy Soul.

Be the Change Video


If you haven't seen this "Plants that go bad" YouTube Video, 
it is pretty funny.