Friday, April 15, 2011

Not Tax Day

If you haven't heard and are rushing to do your taxes today... relax. They're not due today. You're still a serious procrastinator like me. I bet that you cram for college exams too.

So a guy in San Francisco formed a fake army unit and convinced over a hundred Chinese nationals to pay him between $300-450 to join the team. His personal title in this army was the "Supreme Commander." Folks could pay him more to gain a higher rank. Craziness...

Wisconsin is investigating "irregularities" in Waukesha County election results going back 5 years. This does not surprise me at all. Neither side is innocent when it comes to voting irregularities. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the whole thing is a scam. The reported numbers of "found" votes were just too perfect. I'd bet the whole thing is as cooked as a crawfish in May.

This is another article that is not at all surprising to me, but just plain cool nonetheless. Male whales in a particular population all sing the same, ever-changing song. Now research has proven that new whale songs spread over vast distances between different populations.

My home state of Arizona... Their government is just so absolutely misguided. Gotta love em.

Quote: "If it can't be determined whether candidates who provided documents in place of their birth certificates are eligible to appear on the ballot, the secretary of state would be able to set up a committee to help determine whether the requirements have been met.The names of candidates can be kept off the ballot if the secretary of state doesn't believe the candidates met the citizenship requirement." -

Let's just add this article in for good measure: 

If you need some inspiration, this dog named "Can Do" will provide it.

Honey Bee Festival in Palisade, CO today and tomorrow. This article discusses the effects of the dwindling honeybee population and why it would be good for people to get back into raising hives for a hobby.