Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last week of April 2011


Hannah and Bean in the recliner.

Started the week with a seedlings ready to be replanted.

So we got some wood and started putting raised beds together.

The three raised beds came together pretty quickly.

 A full truckload of garden soil from the local nursery.
This would be exactly enough to fill two beds.

A layer of newspaper to help keep weeds in check.

One bed filled - about 200 shovel loads full of good dirt.

Frost on the day after it was filled. We'll have to wait a while...

Visited the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose.

This museum houses a very interesting display of original artifacts.

A beaver dam on the Colorado River trail in Grand Junction.
We saw one very large beaver and two smaller ones.

A late snow nearly a week after it was filled.
We'll have to wait a bit longer still...

Bean asking if she really has to get up so early.

Scarlet, Bean and Hannah waking up this morning.