Sunday, February 05, 2006

Strange News

I'll update this post with weird news that is reported.

Astronaut tried to kidnap love rival: police

By Barbara Liston Mon Feb 5, 9:48 PM ET

ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) - Disguised in a dark wig, glasses and a trench coat, U.S. space shuttle astronaut Lisa Nowak waited in hiding for a woman she considered a rival for another astronaut's affections and tried to kidnap her, police in Orlando said on Monday.

Woman claims she found blade in McMuffin


BRADENTON, Fla. -- A woman claims she found a razor blade in her McDonald's breakfast sandwich early Wednesday, and authorities interviewed people involved.

Carolyn Bovey, 54, who was not injured, said she ordered the sausage, egg and cheese McMuffin in the drive-thru of a McDonald's in Bradenton. She allegedly found the blade in the sandwich's eggs after biting into it at work, according to a police report.

'12-year-old' is 29-year-old sex offender

PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) -- A charter school alerted authorities to a 29-year-old sex offender who tried to enroll there, pretending he was just 12, in what sheriff's officials said Friday may have been an attempt to lure children into sexual abuse.

The Yavapai County sheriff's office also said Neil Havens Rodreick II conned two men he was living with and having sex with into believing he was a young boy.

One of them, 61-year-old Lonnie Stiffler, called himself Rodreick's grandfather when he tried to enroll him at Mingus Springs Charter School as "Casey Price."

"This is the weirdest case I've seen in 18 years," sheriff's spokeswoman Susan Quayle said. "If it wasn't so sad it would be funny."