Thursday, January 25, 2007

Typical Day

Today was a pretty typical day. I had the opportunity to meet up with a good friend last night at Denny's - which was fun, life affirming, refreshing and non-energy-depleting (I tend to like those kinds of visits)! It looks like I'll probably be meeting up with some other friends in Santa Cruz when I go up there to see the Dar Williams concert. I'm having visions of a sushi restaurant in my not-too-distant future... but everything is still kind of blurry in the crystal ball.

I went to the Instructor Certification Course that I'm in at 8:00am, where we discussed the use of the many different types of technology that we have at our disposal where I work. We used the "Smart Boards" to create games and classroom activities that would involve the students and get them interested in our topics.

I saw a friend from Georgia, who I haven't seen in years today. That was a neat surprise!

I taught grammar again tonight, so I was at school from 6:00-8:00pm. We covered more of the same tonight with a slightly new crowd of people. We talked about possessive pronoun usage rules and how the Arabic demonstrative pronouns work. We also talked about certain places in the Arabic language where certain letters are just "dropped" if they follow or precede particular letters. This is always tough for the students to imitate, but it's a rather simple concept to understand once it has been explained in plain terms on the board. Practice will determine whether or not they'll remember these rules next week.

I came home to practice guitar chording for a while and then I played the chords to The Edmund Fitzgerald while the resident poet sang the words. Now it's getting late, and I should go run, but I think I'll probably turn in soon.

An interesting article that I heard today on NPR...

Environmentalists Oppose More Corn Crops


Day to Day, January 25, 2007 · A fight is brewing in the country's heartland over conservation. As demand for corn ethanol skyrockets, farmers and grain companies want to see more corn planted. But environmentalists and hunters want to stop that.

Joyce Russell reports for Iowa Public Radio.

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