Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back Again

I'm finally out of the dispirited mood that I've been in for a couple of weeks, brought on by doing more of what needed doing at work and not as much of what needed doing in life. I'm feeling confident and ready to face the next few weeks here before I move on to what the future holds for me.

Got a haircut.
Looking like myself again.

Bought some bleach for the whites, dish-washer detergent for the dishes and deet filled mosquito repellents for me.

One of those deet repellents says that it will protect my clothes for 6 weeks and also says: "DO NOT APPLY THIS TO YOUR SKIN".

I wonder if my body would be protected from creepy crawlies in its grave for 6 weeks if I decided to disregard that bit of guidance?

Turned in overdue library books.
Paid the fine.

Talked to one of my sisters.
Laughed a lot.

Decided to go to Florida in 2 weeks to visit my sister's clan.
I hope that there isn't a hurricane out there making the same plans.

Got a gym membership for 1 month at the gym right across the street from my apt.
Now I'll save about an hour's worth of driving time daily - and this gym is open later.

My aunt just called to confirm plans that we had made to go golfing this coming Saturday.
(I've played golf twice in my life so this promises to be interesting!)

She also invited me to go with her crew to see Lyle Lovett on Thursday night.
He is a musician that I admire even though his music is something I have to be in the mood for. Kind of like Oreos and Cheetos.

I was also told that the same group will be having a clam-bake at the local pool in Richmond.

Wow - suddenly my next 2 upcoming breaks are completely booked. That's a good thing.

Current Mood: chipper
Current Music: The Fat Girl - Album: I Love Everybody - Lyle Lovett