Monday, May 16, 2005


Today I decide once again to speak out about those things that have meaning to me.

Today I attempt to face down my demons while allowing my spirit to soar.

Today I rejoice in the wonderful miracle of the Devine Universe, in a way that is meaningful and suitable for a reality which has given me the gifts of life, awareness, reason, and emotion.

Today I remind myself that I am just one tiny part of that gigantic Universe, and that I have within me the power to change all of history for the better or for the worse.

Today I will remember that there are others who would sacrifice much of what they have to experience all of the opportunities and luxuries that I take for granted.

Today I will remember that there are people being killed, and others killing in my name so that I can experience all of the opportunities and luxuries that I take for granted.

Today I seek a way to have an impact, to make a difference, to be a voice of sobriety in a world drunken on excess materialism, fascinated with our own amazing ability to create, and largely ignorant of our incredible legacy of destruction.

Today I will defend the poor and fight for the voiceless and the weak.

Today I speak for the life-giving earth, for the spirit of mankind and the true meaning of life which has been lost behind a smokescreen of greed and commercialism.

Today I will not cheapen who I am by succumbing to messages about who I should be, what I should wear, how I should act, or what I should say in order to "fit in".

Today I will remember who I am, find real meaning in the world, do things that are really important, and recognize those that are mere distractions.

Today I will willingly give love and will open my heart to receive it, unashamedly, and fully.

I choose this day to walk the walk of a man, and not that of a slave to the dictates of society, tradition, and expectations.

Today I have the power to change my future and that of the world in which I live.