Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Messenger - Part 1

One year ago I had a spiritual encounter. I don't know if it was as much an awakening as it was the sudden awareness of a doorway standing directly in front of me, which I could walk through by just making the decision to do it.

It was a beautiful sunny day with hawks and vultures flying high above the lush green mountaintops. The yellow grass was rolling gently and rustling in harmony with the soft sound of the breeze. On a mission offered to me by my chosen spiritual guide, I was sitting on the ground in a valley next to a dirt road and a wooden fence, waiting for some sort of clarity.

I was waiting to receive some kind of message, not expecting much, when all at once I saw a multi-dimensional picture in my mind which has since helped to redefine the way that I see my life, my world, and my role in it. I had been doubtful that my quest for meaning that day would bear any real fruit; but what the Universe chose to give to its seeking inhabitant that day was quite profound.

For the next 2 hours I tried to put on paper what had been revealed to me in an instant. What I wrote that afternoon was an allegorical description of my life as it had been and how it could be. Everything around me became part of a living parable, full of deep symbolism and wondrous new meaning.

The message received from the Universe that day was as crystal clear to me as it may be cryptic to anyone else. My whole life was surrounding me in the form of the grasses, the animals, and the plants, which were speaking to me in ways that I was hearing for the first time since I was a child.

The fence to one side of me became a small barrier in my life which I had chosen not to cross. The path leading up into the rich, green, unknown dark places on the mountainside was now a direction in life, which I could choose to take in order to arrive at a place where my spirit could fly like the eagles and the hawks. The yellow grass to the other side of me had now become my past life, which had led me to this place where I was sitting. This is where I met my messenger who promised that all I had to do was take it with me on my journey, and care for it until we reached the top of the mountain. There it would grow strong in the place of its choosing. "There I will show you how to soar with the hawks and the eagles." it said.

My messenger that day, just over a year ago, was a very young pine sapling, growing near the place where I was sitting beside the road, in front of the fence, facing the mountain of choices ahead.