Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SLEEP! Poppies will make them sleeeep... SLEEEEEP

Bolstered by encouragement from my friends, I went back to the doctor today to convince him that I did, in fact, need some medication for this tick bite - "just in case". I found out last night that a guy I know got a tick bite, in Virginia, on almost the exact same day, (in almost the exact same spot on his side as my tick bite was oddly enough, but his doctor had given him medicine two weeks ago even though he didn't have any symptoms, "just in case".

I did the dreaded thing - made an appointment with the military clinic on base. I was able to get an appointment for 8:45. I went in to see the doctor armed with my medical records, some information that I had gathered about Lyme Disease and the typical lack of symptoms, (which is symptomatic it seems), and an intention of walking out of there with some medication.

I was sent to a "special clinic" because I'm TDY to this base, (on temporary deployment). This clinic is usually used by the lowest ranking trainees and as such you get to hear a lot of stern sergeants ensuring that everyone knows just what to do, in what order, for how long, and then double checking to make sure that they got it. One good benefit about this is that they run a tight ship. I was called in to a waiting room AT 8:45am (wonder of wonders).

I saw the doctor, showed him my information, and while he was obviously skeptical, he went back to his office to check his resources. He came back with a prescription in hand and told me that "while this isn't normal practice here - you did pick up this tick in Virginia and they are a bit more likely to carry Lyme Disease there - so out of an abundance of caution, we'll give you a prescription." Amazingly enough, I was out of the clinic by 9:45am with my pills in hand and a decent military medical experience behind me. I guess the military can still surprise me sometimes.

So even though I came home and slept ALL DAY until 7:00pm... I feel better knowing that whatever might be building up its forces for evil in my body will now die the celebrated death of a lowly bacterium and not reign supreme over my life at some unexpected, inopportune moment in the future.

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