Sunday, March 22, 2015

Peasants and Civics


One can learn a big civics lesson simply by comparing how Western media portrayed Soviet government activities against its own citizens throughout the 1960's-1980's - and how typical Western citizens viewed the "evil deeds" of that communist regime, to how our modern media tends to cover our very own version of similar deeds, justified by very similar arguments - and how our citizens now view that kind of thing here. I remember when I was a kid wondering why Soviet citizens would be so complacent in the midst of it all. I guess the truth is, most of us really just want to be sitting securely in a stable boat with our life jackets securely fastened, even when we suspect that our boat may be headed in the wrong direction. As long as it's floating and we're not running out of rations, we'll make it another day. Good enough for peasants I suppose.