Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Giver and Predestination - A Commentary


So we watched "The Giver" and "Predestination" tonight: two movies that ended terribly for different reasons. The Giver was disappointing because I would have been happy to watch another 2 hours of that one just to see the places I thought it might go; after all the great foreshadowing, it just ended in a little, unimpressive poof of dust. Predestination was disappointing because the whole way through the movie, I thought the ending was going to be a great "Aha!" moment, but in fact, the aha was the sad realization that in order for this movie to resolve itself, there is going to have to be another movie, and who knows how far off in the future that is going to be. So now I feel cheated by my Redbox 2 for 1 special... Guess I'll have to find something good to listen to online to assuage the emptiness left inside where a fully resolved cinematic chord should have been. What a world... What a world...