Friday, January 31, 2014

Orographically Speaking


Orographically Speaking - by MRM ~ January 31st, 2014

Warm air holds a bit more water.
Orographic rain begins life in air that's hotter,
As moisture held inside the air,
Where you can't see it (but it's still there). 

Winds push warmth "UP," over the mountains,
  Warm air cools down. "ON" come the fountains.
Cold air does not like to be so moist.
The waters inside are left with no choice. 

They condense, form clouds, and then snow or rain.
Once over the mountains, the air lowers again.
The air then gets warmer, and what happens next?
The rains stop falling; the people are vexed. 

It's rain shadow desert, this side of the hills,
While their neighbors, o're the rise get their bellies filled
With veggies and fruits from orographic rains,
While the folks on this side see naught but dry plains.