Friday, November 29, 2013

Amateur (Ham) Radio Licensing Resources


Lately I've been working on getting back into the ham radio hobby. I received my first amateur radio license back in the late 1980's but never used it, despite learning to copy Morse Code at relatively high speeds while in the Air Force in the 90's. Now I'm working on getting re-licensed. Here are some sites that I've found to be helpful along the way. I will continue to update this post as I discover more resources.


Ham Study Website

"Get your Amateur Radio License! has simple, powerful, and free tools to help you prepare! Try it on your desktop computer, personal tablet, or mobile phone."

The most user friendly, informative, free website I've found so far.

They've also just released the new 2014 question pool here:


This site is very similar to the one above.

* Ham Test Study Page

"Newbie Guide to Ham Radio"

A self-described "rough draft working document" with useful info.


2010-2014 US Technician Class 

Amateur Radio Exam Audio Review


This website goes along with a set of books.
Amateur Radio Licensing Exam Questions
& Study Aids: 


Here are some old movies about Ham Radio that I've included here just for fun:

The Ham's Wide World

Amateur Radio in 1955 "Every Single Minute."
Film starts at about 3:05

The World of Amateur Radio
"Dick Van Dyke, Barry Goldwater, Arthur Godfrey and many others
extol the virtues of amateur "ham" radio in this vintage film . . ."