Saturday, October 05, 2013

Commentary on "A 'Dear John' Letter to Unitarian Universalism"


This post is written in response to this insightful, thought provoking post on Wondertwisted:

While stating up front that (on paper) Unitarian Universalism may well best represent my spiritual views, I have observed many of the issues discussed in the above blog post firsthand. Like the author, I have considered returning to a much more liberal version of Christianity than the one I came from, which would be one that does not condemn non-Christians, believes in many alternate paths to the divine, and does not preach that unbelievers go to Hell. 

It is surprisingly difficult to reconcile my old ways of Christian thinking with the much more inclusive view I have now. Part of me feels like doing so would mean picking and choosing my religion from a belief system that doesn't really allow for that. While I don't personally feel a need to find "salvation," (unless salvation means aligning the intention of my soul with the manifestation of my self-reality during this lifetime), I certainly understand the appeal for rediscovering a sense of being "saved." If there is a such thing as salvation, I hope that such a spiritual/physical/self-manifesting alignment will lead me to that place of intellectual comfort and heartfelt peace. 

In any case, there are a lot of difficult truths revealed in the "Dear John" post linked above. As far as the next step on my spiritual journey is concerned, I guess I'll either have to find a way to be the change I want to see in Unitarian Universalism, or perhaps, start holding Druid circles on the Mesa somewhere.