Monday, October 21, 2013

Chicksands RAFB and the Chicksands Priory


Without any doubt, the best assignment of my military career was my very first one. I was stationed at Chicksands, RAFB from October of 1992 until June of 1995. During this time I was able to travel all over England and Wales; I absolutely loved the UK, and sincerely hope to have the opportunity to go back again.

While stationed at Chicksands, I took many tours of the priory. Military personnel used to be able to rent the building overnight, and a group of us once spent a spooky and memorable night there. There were many tales about the medieval inhabitants of the structure, but I never put much stock in their veracity. 

Today I was searching for information on Chicksands on Google and discovered this 45 minute long YouTube episode of the British program "Time Team," which focused on trying to rediscover some of the forgotten history of the Chicksands Priory.

I also have a Pinterest board, where I've posted pictures discovered online related to my favorite British Air Force base.