Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cool Meadows Family Genealogical Discovery


I've been working on my family's genealogy since about January now, and I'm at the point where things are really beginning to get interesting. Several lines have been traced back to the Revolutionary War era, and to the folks who originally immigrated to America (most came over when we were still colonies).

Tonight I learned that my 6th great grandfather, Thomas Cadle Sr., served as a Private in the Revolutionary War.

By doing a Google search, I discovered that on July 4th a year ago, his grave-site was restored with a new veteran's memorial grave marker. His original gravestone (which had been lost & buried for over 100 years) had previously been discovered in a pile of rocks on what had been thought to be an unmarked grave. 

Here is a great newspaper article detailing Cadle's service, and his activities during the war, as well as the circumstances which led to his grave-site's restoration:

What a cool family discovery to make on the night before Independence Day.

See the original article from The Hinton News by Pauline Haga here: