Sunday, April 07, 2013

Faces of Cairo in 2007


It was my privilege and pleasure to visit Cairo for a month back in 2007. I took a lot of pictures (of course) while I was there. I met so many wonderful, fun, interesting and friendly people.

I had intended to share the names and faces of some of those that I met, once I returned to the states. I took notes as I made my way around the city, but unfortunately those notes were lost somewhere along the way.

The years have made me less sure of getting all of the names right, but I remember the conversations and the interactions as if they took place yesterday. If you recognize yourself or anybody in this post, please comment below, and I will label the pictures. 

Without names and descriptions, and in light of all that has occurred in Egypt over the last few years, I have been hesitant to do anything with these photographs, but tonight I feel compelled to publish a few of my favorite portraits.

The hospitality of this region is legendary, but I was still surprised at how friendly folks were towards me in Cairo. Complete strangers were much more friendly there than I would ever expect to find in any large American city.

I tried to spend as much time as possible in the less traveled parts of the city; I found those places to be the most interesting. There were so many great conversations to be had, and so little time!

What an amazing trip this was. I do hope that I'll have the opportunity to return someday. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime.