Saturday, July 21, 2012

Howells, Stutzmans, and Beards. Family History Information.


These books were found in the the garage of a house bought in Grand Junction, CO several years ago.

The first, a Memorial History and Genealogical Record of the John Howell and Jacob Stutzman Families, actually provides a family history from 1697 to 1922. A folded up calendar from 1924 was found inside the front cover of this book.

A small book of very old tintype photographs was found alongside the above genealogy book. We have discovered that the photographs go with the genealogy book.

This book contains 47 individual tintype photographs.
Most of people are related to a family having the last name "Beard."
Surnames included are Beard and Clemens.

Many of these old pictures are labeled in pencil,
with the names and relationships written in cursive.

The picture on the left above is labeled "Aunt Hattie Kruse - Grandpa Beard's sister." The picture on the right is labeled "Aunt Sophia Seckman - Grandma Beard's Sister."

The pictures of the men above were not labeled.

Above on the left is labeled "Lilly (Nell) Field." Above right is labeled "Aunt Mary (Nell), Grandpa Beard's sister."

There are many more labeled pictures, which I will add to this post later.


 Based on the information in the genealogy book, and the names found in the photo album, we have pieced together the following information:

(Asterisks denote individuals whose pictures are included in the photo album.)

The person noted in the book of photos as "Grandfather Beard" was David Beard (b. 1829, d. Oct 1st 1875 pg. 164). According to the labeled pictures, "Grandfather Beard" had a sister named *Hattie Kruse, another named *Mary Nell Beard, and a brother named *Joe. "*Grandmother Beard" (whose maiden name was Ester Howell) had a sister named *Sophia Abigale (Howell) Seckman (pg.202). The woman referred to as Grandmother (Esther Howell) had a beau before marrying David; the beau's name was *Frank Ashcraft (photo album). 

According to the genealogy book, "Grandfather" David & *Esther (Howell) Beard (pg. 164) - had the following children *"Uncle" Jonathon Alveron Beard (pg. 165), "Uncle" *James (Jim?) Beard, Enos Beard (pg. 165), *Mary Ann Beard (pg.166 & labeled as "Mother" in the photo album), "Uncle" *Bruce W. Beard (pg. 166 who had 9 children), "Uncle" *John W. Beard (unmarried), "Aunt" *Nancy Beard (married Francis Eason and later married Francis Martin), George Beard & Sarah Beard

It seems that Mary Ann Beard (pg.166) from the list above is the one labeled "Mother" in our pictures. She married *Leonidas Clemens (labeled "Papa") in 1881. Leonidas died in 1917. *Mary Clemens then married *William (labeled as "Will") Clemens (William was 1st cousin of Leonidas). We have a picture of *Johnie Clemens, who is labeled as William Clemens' brother.). 3 children were born to Leonidas and Mary Clemens: Ettie K. (married March 30th 1910 & had a daughter named Christine Stambro b. April 22nd, 1911 in Stanton, Kansas), Roy E. Clemens (married March 15th, 1915 to Miss Lola Bell of Kansas City, Missouri; they had 2 children as of the books writing: Glen Leroy Clemens & Robert Eugene Clemens), and a second daughter who died at birth. We think that these pictures probably belong to the descendants of Christine Stambro (who was the daughter of Ettie K.)

*"Uncle Alveron," a.k.a. Jonathon (Alveron) Beard from list above married "Aunt *Suzie" (Susan B. Spates). They had 8 children: Ester Beard, William Beard, Charles Beard, Ira Beard, Eli Beard, Alexander L. Beard & Verna Beard

We also have pictures of an *Aunt Ella, *Aunt Cassie, *Uncle Sigel, *Aunt Nannie & *Uncle Jim (who might be James Beard), as well.