Monday, June 18, 2012

Kirby Dealers in Grand Junction, CO

Get ready for a rant... Here goes: I'm a big fan of Kirby vacuum cleaners. My mom had one when I was a kid, and I went through several cheaper (but still high quality & expensive) vacuums before finally realizing that I wasn't going to be satisfied with anything but a Kirby, regardless of the expense. So in 2000 I bought one, and I have been very happy with its performance.

Today some young reps from Kirby stopped by my house offering to give me a free duster if they could show off the latest Kirby model. I let them know that I already had a Kirby, that I was very satisfied with it, but that I was happy to know that there was a store here in town. Then I told them that I was missing one part (the zip brush, which is THE very best accessory for getting pet hair off of couches & beds in existence) and that I'd like to know whether their store carried the part. They said that their boss might actually have one in his car, so they called him on his cell phone.

I heard him over the speaker tell them that he would split the commission with them if they could get me to buy one for $200.00. I told them that I could get one for close to $15.00 online, and they relayed that information over the phone. Then I heard their boss reply that I was "full of ****." I told them that I had looked it up and I knew the cost, and we all politely parted ways. After they left, I had to look online just to be sure that I was right. I immediately found a ton of them on e-bay between $15-30 (refurbished, which is all I can get for my 2000 model anyway...).

I printed up the e-bay ad, drove around the neighborhood until I found one of the guys. I gave him the printed copy, and told him I'd like him to give that to his boss and tell him that he's the one who is "full of ****." Oh, and that I had originally been glad to know that there was a local Kirby dealer in town, but that now I was going to tell all of my friends to buy their Kirbys and the parts online rather than dealing with these guys, who are probably taking advantage of the older, retired people who make up the bulk of this neighborhood. 

I did ask them where their store was located, and it is the one between 28 & 29 Rd on Patterson Rd. in Grand Junction. Feel free to pass the word. They say that word of mouth is the best advertising after all.