Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Military Helicopter at Redlands Middle School

This morning I heard what I thought must have been the loudest riding mower ever outside. That or a street sweeper. A few minutes later I heard a whole herd of excited voices coming from the school across the street. Those voices were louder and more excited than I had ever heard coming from the playground of Redlands Middle School. I went outside to see what was going on. There was a military helicopter parked in the playground with a whole slew of kids surrounding it. There were several military personnel who looked like they were answering questions as they let the kids get a good look at the helicopter from close up. The first person I actually saw in uniform was wearing a DEA jacket, so at first I thought it was the DEA giving a tour of one of its helicopters. Once the kids cleared out, I could see that it appeared to be a US Army medical helicopter of some sort. The picture and the video I'm posting were taken after all of the kids cleared out just before the helicopter was getting ready to take off. Go to 6:16 in the video to see the helicopter take off and then do a quick flyby over the school out towards the Colorado National Monument. As the helicopter disappears in the distance, the kids cheer.