Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Purr Bot - Shaman on the Mountain of Dreams


Purr Bot was a big, scruffy black cat who would roll over and purr at your feet the moment he made eye contact. He could sit in a lap all day purring, and his purring was usually accompanied by copious amounts of drool. He had the most soulful eyes of any cat that I've ever known. It seemed as if he could look directly into me, read my thoughts and know my heart. He had more love to give than any animal I've ever met.

About ten years ago, Purr Bot was thrown out of a car onto a busy street right in front of me. I stopped my truck, he ran under it, and then he jumped into my arms and starting purring loudly first thing. We've been together ever since. From Georgia, to California, to Louisiana, and finally Colorado... he's been my constant companion when everything around me was constantly changing.

It turns out that he was with me throughout almost all of my philosophical transformation and "growing up." He watched me go from an unhappy place to the happiest I've ever been, from being bound in military chains to becoming a free civilian, from someone who was simply "playing the game," to someone who is truly living and who has found true love.

During my personal transformation, whenever the Universe was trying to tell me something of real significance through my dreams, it chose Purr-Bot in the form of a cat-man avatar to convey its message. He became the shaman on the mountain, the being who held the keys to knowledge and the divine. To me, the real-life Purr Bot became something of a supernatural incarnation, a fuzzy, purring icon of The Great Mystery.

When I was a kid, one of only two cassette tapes I was allowed to play "without asking" was Jim Croce's "Photographs and Memories." If you had asked me back then (when I was about 9 years old) what song I identified with most, I would have definitely said "I've Got a Name." Somehow it just embodied me as I wanted to be.

This morning as I was driving back from dropping my fiancee off at work, I was looking at the beautiful fall trees and the bright blue sky, thinking of how lucky I was to have shared more than a decade with such a great pet. I was remembering the moment that Purr Bot and I first met, when he was just a sick black kitten that someone had thrown into a busy intersection. Just as I was envisioning that initial meeting, this song came on the radio. In my mind, it came straight from that silly cat.

So long good buddy. You were the silliest, most loving, purest soul in cat-form that I've met so far in this lifetime. You were just the first of many simple, strange, and wonderful miracles that blessed my life during the time that we were together.

You were quite a character in real life, and the shaman in my dreams. Maybe we'll meet in that dreamland again sometime. Thank you for choosing me to share this lifetime of yours. Hopefully, your soul is purring somewhere safe and warm right now.