Sunday, October 02, 2011

Color Weekend at Powderhorn


Click on each picture twice to see it full size.

Update: October 7th 2011
These pictures were taken on October 2nd.
Since then Powderhorn has gotten some snow.

We went to Powderhorn today to check out the fall colors.
The view from the parking lot hinted at what was to come.

The colors were quite impressive.

The landscape was painted with yellows, greens, and a touch of red.

The trip back down to the lodge was chilly.

The vistas on the way up the mountain were distinctly different from
those on the way back down in the lift. This was my favorite picture.

Mountains on the horizon formed the backdrop to all of
the scenery on the return trip down the Powderhorn slope.

 No trip of mine would be complete without an insect encounter.
This beetle landed on my neck just after we returned to the lodge.