Friday, June 10, 2011

Flooding on the Colorado River in Grand Junction, CO


UPDATE: Pictures and locations of the washed out portions of the Riverside Trail in Grand Junction as of June 29th, 2011. Click on this link to see them: Flooded Areas of Grand Junction Riverfront Trail.

Yesterday Rachael and I wanted to check out the flooding on the Colorado River. We went down to the 5th Street Bridge near downtown and took some pictures. The bike trail and some hiking trails that run alongside the river were closed but not completely washed out. Here are some pictures:

Looking southwest toward the 5th Street Bridge. 
There is water on both sides of the bike trail.

 North Channel Nature Trail

It was impassable unless you wanted to do some afternoon wading.

A short clip of the river near the 5th Street Bridge.

This was the view to the west a few minutes later.