Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Chess, Checkers and IMAX Movies


Today was a perfect day for a few games of checkers and chess with "Z." She is pretty good, but she wasn't good enough. I'm sure that will change before too long. Someday, she'll be laughing in my face and leaving me in her dust. When that happens, we'll know that the dementia has set in.

I watched three fun movies on Netflix today that I really enjoyed.

The first was a National Geographic film called "Tornado Intercept" about a guy who designed and built an armored car specifically so that he could travel into the center of a tornado with an IMAX camera to get good movie footage. That looks like a lot of fun, but nuts at the same time. I would love to be along for the ride.

The next movie was the old IMAX movie "Beavers," which I had never seen. It would be fantastic for kids who are interested in nature, not really scientific, but wonderful cinematography and a good introduction to what beavers' lives are like. It is fun for adults too, especially if you've never seen how large beaver dams can get, or the specifics of how they are constructed. 

The third movie was "Stormchasers," (another IMAX movie). The best part about this movie, for me, was getting to look at the interior of the hurricane plane. That is the plane that flies into the center of hurricanes to determine their direction and wind-speed. This movie gives viewers some insight into how the decisions are made about who to evacuate and who not to evacuate in a particular situation. It also shows how science and data both contribute to the ultimate recommendation.