Friday, March 11, 2011

Smoke Signals Sublime - by mrm - 16 Feb. 2011

Treasure deep inside my blood
History unknown
Chest of voices, soothing, deep
Howling, painful groans
Names, places, full of meaning
No more to be found
 Paddles dip, ply calm waters
Silent ripples round

Touch dark forests of my mind
Muffled voices fog
Mists of language, loss and time
Flensed bones rise from bogs
 Stories echo from dead jaws
Ancestors of old
Long disarticulated
Context now untold

Soft whisperings of wonder
In a tongue unknown
Lessons passed from ancient minds
Rambling, constant drones
Call to me from my own veins
Wave with undead hands
Set fires to mental chaff
Draw pictures in sand

Heart drums. Ghosts sing. Shadows teach
Dances to the wind.
Beckoning their children lost,
"Listen once again."
Inner ear tuned to faint sounds,
Echoes lost in time
Attempting to decipher
Smoke signals sublime.